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Environmental responsibility

Manufacturing tungsten carbide is energy intensive. The question therefore arises: "How sustainable can a carbide manufacturer be?" Our answer is: "In fact, very sustainable!"


Our company pays strict attention to closed circuits. The buildings are heated and cooled using energy recovered from our sintering furnaces. The water flows within a closed circuit. This is why our CO2 footprint is zero - and because we combine our transports and compensate for everything else.


The sustainable recycling of carbide is of particular interest to us. Our supply chain goes from the raw material to tungsten carbide, from tool manufacturer to user, then via recycling back. At each step materials are recycled. We invite our customers to participate actively. We offer them a recycling service that will re-treat secondary raw materials at our suppliers. This closes the loop to the end user and we also work together to use resources sustainably. Well-functioning cooperative projects confirm our commitment.




The 360° service from EXTRAMET AG - your partner in protecting our environment!


EXTRAMET's goal is to reduce damage to the environment and guarantee a careful approach to the use of raw materials. We achieve this by not only recycling soft scrap in our own production facilities, but also recycling grinding sludge through our raw material suppliers. This 20-year partnership is a guarantee of both sustainability and continuity.


The close relationship between raw material supplier, tungsten carbide producer and tool manufacturer is vital to operating a closed recycling circuit.


We now offer our 360° service to our partners too, so that your business can benefit from it as well. We do not supply raw materials to China, but rather ensure that they are returned into the European cycle, contributing to environmental and economic sustainability in the European market.

Your benefits as a 360° Service Partner:


  • Organisational: One contact for tungsten carbide, both purchasing and sales
  • Logistical: Collecting containers are provided by us
  • Economical: We offer fair prices, even for small quantities
  • Environmental: We guarantee environmentally friendly reprocessing and an active commitment to reducing our CO2 footprint


We offer this service for all uncoated and coated tungsten carbide parts, such as sections, used tools such as drills, cutters, reamers and wearing components.


Get in touch with us to find out about the benefits our 360° service can bring you.


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