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Our carbide grades


Submicron grain 6% Co:

Universal grade for the machining of non-ferrous metals, aluminium, copper, porcelain, plastics, cast iron, steel of low hardness and fibre reinforced materials. High wear resistance, excellent suitability for diamond coating.


Submicron grain 7.5% Co:

Versatile carbide grade for machining non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper, plastic, etc., as well as cast materials and steels with a hardness between 45 - 65 HRc (chilled cast iron, stellite, ferro-TiC, steels extra hard / forged / rolled / cold drawn). For milling tools and drill thread milling cutters of ISO group H and in forming technology for drawing tools for steel materials, dies for non-ferrous metals, punches for cold forming and calibration dies.


Submicron grain 10% Co:

Submicron grade with a good impact strength and TRS for the machining of  non-ferrous  metals,  nickel alloys steels as well as hardened, alloyed, cast and stainless steel. Main submicron grade with broad applications for rotating, solid carbide tools.


Submicron grain 12% Co:

The very high fracture toughness results in an extraordinary cutting edge strength. This ensure excellent tool life at mill roughing of heavily machinable materials like Inconel 718, high carbide steel or titanium alloys.


Fine grain 9% Co:

With a high cutting edge strength and wear resistance - coupled with high temperature resistance - this grade is primarily aimed at mill roughing, or drilling of heavily machinable materials. (e. g. stainless steel and non corrosive nickel-base alloys). It is also ideally suited for applications like dies, punches for fine blanking, powder pressing tools and mandrels.


Fine grain 12% Co:

The exceptional TRS paired with a high fracture toughness, predestines this fine grain grade for the application of difficult to machine materials, especially for interrupted cutting applications. Furthermore, it is optimal for steel forming tools, as well as manufacturing tool components.


Ultrafine grain 9% Co:

Outstanding ultrafine grade for the  milling of hardened steel >50HRC, HSC machining for mould constructions, wear resistant tools for micromechanics and machining of new composite materials.


Ultrafine grain 12% Co:

A good impact strength and TRS combined with high hardness is the essential advantage of this ultrafine grade. For machining of materials hardened up to 64HRC, mould constructions and machining of titanium alloys as well as high alloyed steels.