«Tool life in medical technology has been significantly extended thanks to us.»


Because process safety is the essential thing in medical technology

New materials in dental technology provide tools for demanding tasks. Because safety and accuracy must always be guaranteed during a medical procedure – even with materials that are difficult to machine.


In the field of medical technology, the requirements for tool components are particularly complex. New treatments such as minimally invasive surgery and material developments in nanotechnology always require new innovations.


For example, more materials are now being used for dental implants, but these are also increasingly more difficult to cut.  Only an excellent tungsten carbide with an exceptionally even structure, consistent thermal stability and a constant transverse rupture strength may be used in these most challenging applications.  Our tungsten carbide has already significantly extended the service life of machining tools used in dental technology.


Dentures should feel natural while guaranteeing the highest level of functionality.  A high-performance ceramic called zirconium oxide has been able to meet these requirements.  The material is considered to be the ceramic equivalent of steel, with a high fracture toughness and transverse rupture and tensile strength.  Now, due to the abrasiveness of the material, zirconium oxide is presenting major challenges for the associated machine tools.  To make machining more economical, special milling tools made of tungsten carbide have been developed, characterized by optimal geometries and special diamond coatings.


Working in close cooperation with our customers, we have developed a carbide that is outstandingly well-suited to diamond coating.  Adhesion strength is ensured by a small number of additional carbides and optimized cobalt content.  The selection of particle size allows the diamond layer to securely anchor the substrate.

Blanks for medical components

Tool blanks for the dental industry (above), nozzles for dental systems (below)

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