«The wear on the homogenising nozzles has been reduced to a third thanks to our development.»


Greater productivity for the food and packaging industry

The valves used in the industrial homogenization of milk are subject to tremendous wear.  Partnering with a Swiss leader in milk processing, we found several productivity-enhancing solutions.


Homogenization is the uniform mixing of components that are not soluble or have different viscosities.  This process is an integral part of many industrial production sequences.  The application of homogenization can also be found in the production of beverages, foods, dietary products, pharmaceuticals, paints, coatings and lubricants.


This process is energy-intensive and takes place at a working pressure of 150 to 300 bar.  Homogenizing valves are subject to high wear due to pressure and continuous load.


Food: A leading Swiss milk processor uses homogenising plant supplied by a leading international manufacturer. By default, homogenising valves are made of steel. Our challenge was to reduce the high rate of wear. Using EXTRAMET tungsten carbide valves, the rate of wear was reduced to a third. This improvement affects the entire unit: the homogenising valve, the valve seat and the impact ring. The direct results of this improvement were an increase in productivity and a reduction in maintenance costs.


Packaging: The opening tabs in individual containers for coffee creamers are notched so that the consumer can open them with ease.  The largest Swiss milk processor now uses tungsten carbide knives for this purpose, replacing the original knives made of steel with a TiN coating.  Using EXTRAMET notchers not only increased service life but also removed the need for adjustment every two months.  A substantial increase in production stability and the elimination of adjustment work gave our customers the cost and process optimization they had been looking for.

A consumable food production component

Homogenising nozzle, Homogenising valve, valve seat and impact ring (from left)

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