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AMB 2022 | Stuttgart

Visit us at the AMB in Stuttgart.
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We look forward to seeing you at stand H 50 in hall 1.

AMB 2022 coming soon


Successful apprenticeships


We are proud of the successful apprenticeship graduations of Chiara Piller as commercial clerk EFZ and Gregory Bächler as industrial ceramist EFZ.
We are proud that we can continue to count both of them as members of the EXTRAMET team.

erfolgreicher Lehrabschluss

Sustainability Day 2022

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our mission statement.
In everyday work, this is becoming increasingly important in many ways. It is important for us to sensitise our students to this.
This year’s sustainability day was dedicated to the topics of raw materials “wood”, forest function, such as protection, recreation and biodiversity. The apprentices spent a day in the forest with their trainers and planted young trees. There they learned what climate change means for the forest ecosystem, what challenges forestry operations have to face every day and that every raw material is valuable.


Buying raw materials can also be fair, sustainable and socially responsible

SOS Children’s Village Switzerland about the cooperation with EXTRAMET:
Thank you very much to EXTRAMET AG for your donation to the SOS Children’s Village Bukavu in the DR Congo.
In addition to a mobile phone collection campaign, the company donated an amount of 10 centimes to SOS Children’s Village Bukavu for every kilo of cobalt used in 2021.
EXTRAMET buys fairly, ecologically sustainably and socially responsibly. The company relies exclusively on suppliers who are pioneers in the field of demonstrably conflict-free raw material procurement and who submit to a strict monitoring audit by the Responsible Mineral Initiative (RMI).
We are very indebted to EXTRAMET for this commitment and great support.

We say thank you:
Many thanks to our customers for the many positive responses to our “DDonation instead of Gifts” campaign.
Their decision to forego Christmas presents actively supported this donation. 🙏
We would also like to thank all EXTRAMET members who donated their old mobile phones for the “MobileAid” campaign. 🙏

The donation supports children and young people in their schooling and education.

EXTRAMET a dragon of Freiburg’s economy

EXTRAMET a dragon of Freiburg’s economy

EXTRAMET, as one of the flagship companies in the canton, was selected by the Fribourg Economic Development Agency to promote the industry and econimy location.
Did you know that the business world is full of fantastic creatures? California and China are full of unicorns. And in our climes? Well, in Freiburg we have dragons!
Find out more about it…


From carbide to digitised aircraft production

From carbide to digitised aircraft production

A decisive cornerstone for the development of digitised aircraft assembly is tungsten carbide. Thus, scientists at TUHH Germany, in cooperation with a competent network, succeeded in taking a major step towards error-free and efficient aircraft production.

More details (available in german)

The basis for this development was the project on high-performance CFRP machining with diamond-coated carbide drilling- and milling tools. (available in german)

Demonstration of a semi-automatic machine in intelligent assembly environment.
Source: IPMT Hamburg