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Successful apprenticeship degrees


We are proud that Yannick Baechler and Yves Poffet have successfully completed their apprenticeships as Polymechanics Federal VET.
And we are pleased to be able to continue to count Yves as part of the EXTRAMET team. We wish Yannick every success in completing his baccalaureate.

EXTRAMET a dragon of Freiburg’s economy

EXTRAMET a dragon of Freiburg’s economy

EXTRAMET, as one of the flagship companies in the canton, was selected by the Fribourg Economic Development Agency to promote the industry and econimy location.
Did you know that the business world is full of fantastic creatures? California and China are full of unicorns. And in our climes? Well, in Freiburg we have dragons!
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From carbide to digitised aircraft production

From carbide to digitised aircraft production

A decisive cornerstone for the development of digitised aircraft assembly is tungsten carbide. Thus, scientists at TUHH Germany, in cooperation with a competent network, succeeded in taking a major step towards error-free and efficient aircraft production.

More details (available in german)

The basis for this development was the project on high-performance CFRP machining with diamond-coated carbide drilling- and milling tools. (available in german)

Demonstration of a semi-automatic machine in intelligent assembly environment.
Source: IPMT Hamburg

Carbide blocks for wire erosion on stock

Do you know our program for the cutting & punching industry?
Now you can also find the daily updated stock lists on our homepage.