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The fascination of aircraft construction

The carbide blanks from EXTRAMET AG are used for difficult-to-machine composite materials in the aviation industry.

The fascination for aircraft construction also inspires EXTRAMET Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Blaser. Now he has a new project, the Venom J-1544 is to be restored.
How it came about: Report ( by Hansjörg Bürgi, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher).
EXTRAMET in the aviation industry

Customised stamping and forming tools

The precision trio MPK Special Tools, ZECHA and EXTRAMET together inspire innovation through successful partnership.
The close partnership makes it possible to implement individual customer requirements quickly and flexibly, because the smooth interaction of the individual components is decisive for success. The individual areas from prototype to series production are optimally coordinated through direct communication between the specialists at EXTRAMET, MPK Special Tools and ZECHA.
Tools and ZECHA are optimally coordinated. The three companies continue to pool their expertise in order to develop reliable solutions for their customers with the help of internal investments and expansions. Matching carbide grades and geometries to a wide range of applications, new manufacturing processes and materials to be machined will continue to be a top priority.

Uncompromising solutions for machining 🎯

Our carbide grades EMT100 and EMT210 are well-known, tried and tested and have become indispensable in the world of efficient and successful cutting tools. Our duo now becomes a trio with EMT207.
EMT207 is ideally suited for machining steels with a hardness between 45 – 65 HRc (chilled cast iron, stellite, ferro-TiC, steels extra hard/forged/rolled/cold drawn).

Sustainability Day 2022

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our mission statement.
In everyday work, this is becoming increasingly important in many ways. It is important for us to sensitise our students to this.
This year’s sustainability day was dedicated to the topics of raw materials “wood”, forest function, such as protection, recreation and biodiversity. The apprentices spent a day in the forest with their trainers and planted young trees. There they learned what climate change means for the forest ecosystem, what challenges forestry operations have to face every day and that every raw material is valuable.


EXTRAMET a dragon of Freiburg’s economy

EXTRAMET a dragon of Freiburg’s economy

EXTRAMET, as one of the flagship companies in the canton, was selected by the Fribourg Economic Development Agency to promote the industry and econimy location.
Did you know that the business world is full of fantastic creatures? California and China are full of unicorns. And in our climes? Well, in Freiburg we have dragons!
Find out more about it…


From carbide to digitised aircraft production

From carbide to digitised aircraft production

A decisive cornerstone for the development of digitised aircraft assembly is tungsten carbide. Thus, scientists at TUHH Germany, in cooperation with a competent network, succeeded in taking a major step towards error-free and efficient aircraft production.

More details (available in german)

The basis for this development was the project on high-performance CFRP machining with diamond-coated carbide drilling- and milling tools. (available in german)

Demonstration of a semi-automatic machine in intelligent assembly environment.
Source: IPMT Hamburg